Roxie and Cy

English Theatre „ROXIE and CY“

On 20th November 453 students visited a guest performance of the Vienna’s English Theatre at the city theatre Gmunden.

The new play by author Sean Aita was adapted from Edmond Rostand’s “CYRANO DE BERGERAC”. The romantic motif of the ugly but true character falling in love with a beautiful woman has been used by authors, composers and film directors for ages.

Cy has been looking out for Roxie since Primary school. They are BFFs. Roxy loves Shakespeare and poetry, and so they communicate using quotations form Shakespeare’s plays, but also from modern poets. Cy works in a warehouse but he’s a rapper with a real feel for language – and a massive chip on his shoulder because his face is disfigured. Roxie falls in love with her fitness instructor, Kris. He is nice, extremely good-looking, but by far not as literate as Cy.

We enjoyed the performance and learned about friendship – and as we all know, there are BBFs/dudes/bruvs/besties, i.e. real friends … and a lot of (fake) friends out there in the social media networks.

Text: Astrid Anlanger

Source: Schooltours » Orange Tour